Volunteers are welcome in Kolkata from January 1st to March 1st  — but support is needed from around the world all year long. 


Volunteers of all ages, from many countries, and all walks-of-life have joined me to empower children. Some volunteers are engaged in fund-raising activities “back home”.  Others work on-site in Kolkata, contributing their own unique skills. Many return to Kolkata year after year, having discovered that the experience of working with needy children enriches their own lives.  

~ Rosalie

Responsibilities: A variety of educational programs for slum-dwelling and disabled children have been developed over the years, strengthened by the assistance of volunteers. You will have the opportunity to either teach the interactive language curriculum  or work on a special project of your choice.

Volunteer Calendar:  Duration of Volunteer Period: Stay one day, or as long as you wish;  there is no minimum requirement. Each day spent with a the children is worthwhile.

No Fees: There is no fee for volunteering with Empower The Children.

Travel & Medical: We recommend that you consult a travel agent regarding travel arrangements and your physician about vaccinations.

Accommodation/Expenses:  A non air-conditioned room with a bath costs approximately $25 per night.  An air-conditioned room costs about $50 per night. On average, you’ll spend about $5 for each meal. Volunteers must assume all these costs since Empower the Children’s limited resources are spent solely for educational and food programs.

Travel Visa: Most importantly, when you apply for a visa, apply for a TOURIST visa. It is imperative that you write that you are “traveling in India” rather than “volunteering”.  NOTE: Your visa is activated upon its issuance (the day you receive it) rather than the date of your entry into India.

Climate:  We recommend that you pack clothing that is lightweight and loose-fitting.  Shorts, tank tops, and tight-fitted clothing are not culturally appropriate in India.   During the winter a light jacket or sweater may be needed.

Free Time: Your volunteer responsibilities will not require a full day’s commitment. There is sufficient free time for shopping and sightseeing.

Arrival:  Please let me know when you plan to arrive in Kolkata. We will pick you up at the airport and make every effort to assist you.